PJVA's Mission

The mission of PJVA is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of petroleum joint venture relationships and activities.

Objectives of the Association

The objectives of the Association shall include:
  1. developing and maintaining model agreements for petroleum joint venture matters;
  2. developing recommended practices and procedures for petroleum joint venture matters;
  3. providing a forum for addressing petroleum joint venture issues;
  4. improving membership knowledge and skills in petroleum joint venture matters through continuing education, monthly luncheons, and annual conferences;
  5. providing opportunities for networking among Members; and
  6. promoting an understanding and appreciation of the joint venture discipline within the oil and gas industry.

This Site

PJVA has created this online education program to support the Joint Venture/Interest Profession both locally and internationally. The program is open to Members and non-Members who would like to learn about Joint Venture Agreements in the Oil & Gas industry.